Soothing Solutions: Oral Gels for Pain Relief and Healing

Are you aware of Soothing Solutions: Oral Gels for Pain Relief and Healing? To soothe your gums or numb your mouth, you can use benzocaine dental or oral gel, which also comes as a paste or solution.  

Some of the brand names under which it is available are Anbesol, Benz-O-Sthetic, Benzodent, Orabase, Orajel, and Orajel Protective, among others. Stay wise with these brand names. 

Before taking this medication, you should tell your dental care team if you are suffering from heart disease, lung disease (asthma), mouth infection, or sores. Notify them also if you consume tobacco or are pregnant and are allergic to para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA), benzocaine, foods, preservatives, or dyes.  

This medication is applied to the affected areas of the gums or mouth. Before you use this medicine, wash your hands and follow the directions given on the label or that your dental care team suggests. Use it only as often as directed. Try to avoid using this medication on children aged below two.  

Use this medication only for a short period. Do not use it for longer than mentioned on the label or directed by your dental care team. It is not meant to be used on large areas of damaged or broken skin. Always remember to use the prescribed medicines by the doctor who takes good care of you. 

Dentist-approved oral gels may provide the immediate pain relief and quicker healing you need for mouth sores or gum inflammation. Visit your dentist for regular check-ups twice a year. Remember Soothing Solutions: Oral Gels for Pain Relief and Healing in emergency scenarios prescribed by the dentist.