The Best Way to Clean Aligners: A Complete Guide

In the realm of orthodontic treatment, clear aligners have transformed teeth straightening procedures. Traditional braces have always been known for treating teeth alignment whereas, they caused discomfort. Clear aligners on the other hand made the entire straightening procedure smooth without causing any additional prolonged discomfort. Over time, clear aligners have become quite popular for their effective comfortable treatment approach. However, Aligners must be well maintained to keep the treatment effective. Here is a complete guide on the importance of cleaning aligners and the best ways to clean clear aligners smoothly.

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Importance of Cleaning Aligners

Clear aligners are plastic-made that are invisible and can be removed easily. The wearing time for clear aligners is usually between 20-22 hours which means you have to wear aligners for most of the day. However, unlike traditional braces, orthodontic patients can remove aligners whenever they are going to have a meal or to sustain good oral hygiene. To ensure the effectiveness of clear aligners, patients are advised to maintain aligners. Maintaining aligners includes proper cleaning and storage when not wearing.

When it comes to maintaining aligners, patients need to ensure to clean the aligners well to keep them stain-free, odor-free, and free from bacteria. Patients must clean aligners regularly to sustain healthy oral hygiene while preserving the integrity of aligners. Failure to clean aligners can lead to the development of cavities, gum diseases, teeth discoloration, or even bad breath.

Best ways to clean Aligners

Clear aligners must be well maintained by routine cleaning. They are transparent trays fixed and applied on teeth, which makes them more vulnerable to discoloration when not cleaned properly. The following are the best ways to clear aligners.

1. Cleaning with a Toothpaste

Cleaning your aligners with toothpaste is one of the easiest and simplest ways. Upon taking off your aligners, rinse them with clear water first. Clean with toothpaste in a circular motion to make them clean and free from bacteria. However, it is necessary to avoid whitening toothpaste to prevent discoloration of aligners. Rinse aligners with water later.

2. Rinse with a Mouthwash

Cleaning clear aligners must be done daily which is why it is essential to clean with something easily available. Cleaning your aligners with a mixture of water and mouthwash can be effective and easy. Fill water in a container add an alcohol-free mouthwash and put your aligners in the container for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with clean water to remove any remaining debris.

3. Cleaning with Clear Crystals

Denture cleaning tablets are made to clean dental devices including clear aligners. Patients can simply add a cleaner tablet to lukewarm water as guided on the packaging. Add aligners to the container for a minimum of 15 minutes for effective results. After the given time, gently brush aligners and rinse with clean water.

4. Using Denture Cleaner Tablets

Denture cleaning tablets are made to clean dental devices including clear aligners. Patients can simply add a cleaner tablet to lukewarm water as guided on the packaging. Add aligners to the container for a minimum of 15 minutes for effective results. After the given time, gently brush aligners and rinse with clean water.

5. A solution of Hydrogen peroxide and Baking Soda

Another affordable and best way to clean aligners is by making a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Add an equal quantity of both and put aligners in it for stain and bacterial removal. After 15 minutes, take out aligners and rinse them well with clean water. Both these ingredients have antibacterial properties which helps in cleaning aligners well.

Benefits of cleaning Aligners

Orthodontic patients can enjoy the following benefits by maintaining clean clear aligners.

Effective Treatment

Clear aligners are used for teeth straightening and to undergo a smooth and effective treatment, it is essential to keep your aligners clean. Having clean aligners helps with smooth tooth movement without causing a delay in the treatment process.

Intact oral health

Clean aligners help to keep the overall oral health intact throughout the teeth straightening journey. It helps to avoid the development of any cavities, plaque buildup, or foul breath that can be caused if aligners are not well maintained.


Clear aligners without a doubt offer a comfortable treatment approach. However, if aligners are not cleaned regularly, they may develop an unpleasant odor which could hinder comfort. Frequent cleaning ensures a comfortable wearing experience of aligners.

Visual Appeal

Clear aligners are transparent which is why they are barely seen. It is one of the reasons why orthodontic patients must keep the aligners clean. However, clear aligners can lead to discoloration losing the aesthetic appeal and becoming more apparent.

Tips to encounter while cleaning Aligners

Some effective tips to encounter while cleaning aligners include:

  • Clean your aligners daily in any of the most effective ways
  • When cleaning aligners with a brush make sure to use a soft-bristled brush to avoid any scratches or damage.
  • Clean your teeth by brushing and flossing every time before inserting aligners to escape from cavities.

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To conclude, Clear aligners help to achieve the smile of your dreams. To make the treatment effective, it is essential to keep your aligners clean and well-maintained. Orthodontic patients need to include the best way to clean aligners in their routine to avoid issues like bad breath, stains, harmful bacteria, and even more. Adopt any of the above-mentioned ways to keep your aligners clean to enjoy a comfortable, effective, and healthy treatment.


1. How to maintain clear aligners?

Cleaning your aligners regularly helps in maintaining clear aligners for effective treatment.

2. What are some ways to clean aligners?

Clear aligners can be cleaned by soaking aligners in a mixture; of water and mouthwash, a cleaning crystal solution, or a solution of Hydrogen peroxide and Baking Soda.

3. How to keep clear aligners odor-free?

Regularly cleaning aligners and storing them in their case will help in keeping clear aligners odor-free.

4. Why aligners are developing stains?

Clear aligners are transparent however not keeping aligners clear regularly can develop stains and make them unpleasant.

5. What are the benefits of cleaning aligners?

Cleaning aligners regularly can help in keeping aligners effective throughout treatment, aesthetically pleasing, and odor-free.

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