The Usual Requirements in Getting Dental Braces

The usual requirements for getting dental braces will be observed by a Orthodontist. During your consultation, you will be examined about your dental and overall health to confirm that you are not suffering from any health issues.  

Included in tests will be blood, urine, x-ray, and other examinations. After that, get impressions for dental braces, followed by how to go about the treatment, and deciding on the treatment plan for you that would entail the type of braces expected, the expectations of the procedure, and fixing the time and date of the procedure. 

The experience of the procedure of the usual requirements for getting dental braces will differ from one person to another. But common practices to apply for any type of braces will include cleaning teeth and drying them, applying to the teeth an adhesive to attach the brackets firmly, inserting in the brackets the arch wires, and firming them up with elastic bands.  

The entire process would take a minimum of one hour. When braces are applied for the first time, they will brush against your cheeks and tongue, which will cause uneasiness and strangeness. You must get used to the feeling and aching. 

After getting your usual requirements for getting dental braces, you should look after them carefully. For instance, when you brush your teeth with your braces attached your teeth, you need to rinse with water to get rid of any food particles on them and brush the gum line by tilting at 45 degrees with a braces brush. 

After that, brush the top brackets and wire moving down, then brush the bottom bracket and wire moving up, and finally, get rid of all food leftovers from all teeth at the gum line, both above and below the brackets. Get used to the braces with this process and see your teeth getting straightened over time. 

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